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Tales from the Recliner:
Patient Testimonials

Here are a few things our happy patients have to say about community acupuncture and our Tucson clinic:

"After two months of treatment at Tucson Community Accupuncture I have experienced remarkable benefit in regards to stress, anxiety and restless leg syndrome. I am grateful to be able to manage health conditions without pharmaceuticals. Acupuncture has become a regular part of my health maintenance. The fee scale here makes regular treatments affordable for me. The comfortable environment and friendly staff make it enjoyable. I look forward to my weekly visits to TCA; and I hope to keep them as a regular part of my healthy lifestyle." –C.C. August 2012.


"I was not prepared to feel as relaxed as I did... the acupuncturist helped to make my first experience with acupuncture a success!" –Living Social Customer, May 2012.


"I was recommended to TCA about three years ago after an ankle injury. Once that was healed, I realized how much my weekly sessions had benefitted me and decided to make it a regular part of my schedule. I would occasionally have a complaint for Keith to work on, but generally it was just stress-reduction and tune-up time. I was rear-ended in December and suffered a whiplash and some rib displacement. Once again, coupled with weekly massage, acupuncture became a key component of my recovery. I wavered in and out of pain cycles and had been in pretty severe pain for almost the entire week about 4 weeks out. Nothing was helping. I told Keith and the next thing I knew, I had two rows of needles down my arm. I fell into deep relaxation, as is my norm, and an hour later, when the needles were pulled, that horrible pain was gone … and that severity has never returned. Needless to say, I’m a fan—could that be fanatic?—for acupuncture. What a blessing to have TCA here. It will always be a part of my health plan." –J.T. March 2012.


"Thank you for providing us with the opportunity to try an acupuncture treatment. I had pain for over two months... I eventually went to a doctor's appointment, only to be told 'as we age our body responds differently to virus and bacterial infections.' I received no help! However, my pain was relieved by your treatment. The next time I have pain, I will not hesitate to call your office!!" –M.T. January 2012


"The first time I walked into Tucson Community Acupuncture, I was in tears; I was going through one, in a long history, of my 'dark periods' where the depression and anxiety felt like more than I could bear. I was met by Larry with; immediate support, a lack of judgment and a box of tissue. He gathered the necessary information in a way that was again; non-judgmental, calming, reassuring and compassionate. We developed a plan suited to my needs and more than two and a half years later, I am happy to say that I consider TCA a safe haven. In these past years I have not gone longer than two weeks between treatments; and the growth, healing and friendships I have made there have changed my life. I am, and will always be, a work in progress. The byproducts of surviving trauma and abuse have left their marks on me, but I continue in my quest to heal and find peace, and acupuncture has become a sort of walking stick for me on that journey. From the bottom of my heart, thank you." –K. October 2011


"Big thank you! I went in last week with a majorly tweaked neck that had been spasming off and on for a couple weeks. Larry hooked me up one day, Keith needled me the next and—magic! Totally liberated neck. Awesome. Thank you!" –J.A., January 2010


"I have wanted to tell you for quite some time now that I think you are really great! You show such kindness and concern for your patients. I am thrilled that you chose your office to be here in Tucson. I love the community setting. I have been getting acupuncture treatments for 20 years. I have seen doctors in California, New Mexico and Arizona. I like your set up the best. You have a really nice place. Keep up the good work!" –E.J., April 2009


"I just want to say that I LOVE the Community Acupuncture Clinic! I truly look forward to my treatments and for many reasons—the genuine caring and compassion of [the practitioners], the friendly welcome each and every visit, the healing energy of the community treatment room and last but certainly not least—the incredible acupuncture talent and individualized treatment focus by both practitioners. I have been so pleased with my results and feel so blessed to have such truly dedicated professional acupuncturists in such a holistic, energizing, and holy setting. Thank you from the bottom of my heart!" –S.M., January 2009


"Keith and Larry probably saved my life. Although I wasn't suicidal during the fall after they opened, my severe, chronic depression was limiting, to say the least! They cured this lifelong ailment that left me flat on my face too many times to count. After several weeks of weekly treatment, I stopped taking conventional "medicine" (SSRIs) and began to actually live! I now appreciate each moment in my LIFE." –C.M. July 2011


"I have my 'quality of life' back thanks to you guys! So glad I found you!" –N.B., January 2009


"Regular acupuncture visits keeps my energy balanced. I've had various reasons for needing acupuncture—from neck pains, dealing with the dry heat of the summer in the desert, to periods of intense grief. After each session, I return to my center, more balanced, clear and energized. [The practitioners] are attentive, gentle, compassionate and professional and the staff, friendly. The price is affordable. I also enjoy the community atmosphere and the music that is played. The ambience makes me feel at home right away, despite the fact I was at first a little squeamish of needles." –D.C., January 2009


"I highly recommend Tucson Community Acupuncture for their skill and caring. The quality of the treatment is exceptional. I have tried quitting smoking several times over the past six months and believe the multiple treatments I had at TCA have helped me finally kick the habit. I would go in feeling sick, stressed, and really wanting to smoke, and come out feeling centered, stronger, and ready to focus on something more healthy. The NADA protocol ear seeds helped me all day at home as well. I will continue to entrust TCA with my health care needs as well as that of my family." –L.T., November 2008


"When I first read about the Community Acupuncture Network last summer, I knew that I found the wellness approach I've been seeking for years. And I was pretty sure that there was no way Tucson would ever have such a practice. That is, until I did a little research and discovered TCA had almost literally just opened its doors. From my very first appointment, it felt very much to me like a homecoming. Larry and Keith are compassionate practitioners, well-schooled in this healing art. [They] don't just listen to my ideas, they trust the wisdom I have about my own body and my own challenges to optimal health. While it may exist, I've never experienced that kind of trust within the confines of so-called traditional western medicine." –S.E., January 2009


"I came to TCA for the first time with chronic sinus congestion. After three treatments, the congestion was completely gone. The treatments are so relaxing and enjoyable, the clearing of my sinus seemed like gravy. I would recommend TCA without hesitation to anyone wanting to try the benefits of acupuncture." –R.D., January 2009

"I never had allergies until I moved to Tucson (I'm from 'back East'). Each year they were getting worse. This wasn't fun at all, since one of my top two hobbies includes gardening and walking/hiking... I came to [TCA] because I'm on a fixed budget and one night we won free tickets to Laffs. (Their office is conveniently located on Broadway). While waiting outside of Laffs my husband and I stopped in to check out this new, different 'clinic'. We were hooked. Set up our first appointments, and I've been breathing free and easy ever since... I also have degenerative spine and neck problems, and bursitis, but with [TCA's] help, I've been able to get out of bed in the morning rather than try to literally roll from side to side until I could crawl out. I've been to at least 3 other 'top notch' acupuncturists here in Tucson during my 22 years here. NONE of them have been able to 'hit the right spots' as Keith and Larry do. I highly recommend them!" –B.R., April 2009


"I wholeheartedly recommend Tucson Community Acupuncture to anyone who has even a mild interest in acupuncture. The staff are awesome and I love the concept: the idea is to offer acupuncture at a low cost (there's a sliding scale starting at $15) in a community setting. You stay clothed—everything is done in the head, arms/hands, and lower legs/feet—and sit in a room with up to maybe a dozen people, all in well-spaced recliners. Everybody gets individualized attention from the acupuncturists and then are left alone; the lights are low enough and the chairs far enough apart that you don't feel as though you're in a fishbowl. The energy is nonetheless enhanced by the other people in the room. It's a very mellow, positive environment. If you're new to acupuncture, this would be a particularly great place to start, both because of the low cost and the completely non-clinical feel of the place. You can schedule online or over the phone. Check it out and support a community-centered local business!" –Yelp Review, March 2009



Do you have an acupuncture story you'd like to share with TCA? Send your testimonials to: info@tucsoncommunityacupuncture.org.



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